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Basically, says Zeithaml, companies are golden when they are reliable, empathetic and offer tangibles, assurance and responsiveness to consumers.

“Reliability is the most important factor in services marketing, which is the most interesting thing I’ve learned,” she adds, “because reliability is the one thing that no services companies can provide.” That’s because reliability means making no errors, says Zeithaml.

Valarie Zeithaml brought a fierce curiosity to her doctoral studies.

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The class gives her the opportunity to read research in journals that she hasn’t read before and help students get a grasp on writing for academics, which is both an art and science.

In addition, Zeithaml is having lots of fun teaching the undergraduate services marketing course.

Disney and Singapore Airlines are among them, she says.

A successful woman in a field dominated by men, Zeithaml never was deterred by her gender.

Then, rather than continuing work on that topic, she followed her passion.

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