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“I’m a little freaked out because my company was offered a million buyout today.” When he dumped me after our second date, I wondered whether I should have acted more impressed.Where the boys are is not where you’d expect.“There is a really, I don’t want to call it divey, but it’s definitely not a classy establishment right across from the Apple Campus, and I was amazed at the number of guys there,” says Amy Andersen, founder of Linx Dating and known as matchmaker in Silicon Valley. (Do you know how hard it is to find a wingwoman to go to Cupertino, an hour drive from San Francisco, at p.m. My female friends have office jobs.) I went by myself, and arrived to find a cavernous restaurant with a long bar, half a dozen booths and ten or so two-tops, not counting the enormous dining area.If on the contrary users of the site found many scams, simply move on to the next millionaire dating site.

More accurately I was an engineer on the original i Phone…I can show you all the new stuff since you were last here.

There’s a new Panera Bread in Cupertino.” One guy I swiped right on looked promising: olive skin, over five foot eight, strong features.

This is because the net is full of scammers who claim to be millionaires yet all they want is to prey on unsuspecting women.

In order to ensure that you meet genuine millionaires, you have to choose a reputable millionaire dating site. Avoid Free Sites The first and most important thing you must do is to avoid free sites.

Plus, all the guys I felt attracted to were wearing wedding rings. And while people say my industry is insular, I’d argue tech is just as guilty.

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