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文章引言便足以令人喷血: “In 2000 he was a young musician with nothing to tie him down.

The intervening decade was a remarkable one for Damien Rice, who scaled the heights with his wonderful debut album, released in 2002, and simply titled O.

Dublin, mostly".现在他有一个移动工作室,Rice开始适当地着手录制歌曲。“我们到处录制。就像是:那时候我对于在哪里录制东西非常挑剔。比如,我知道我想在我巴黎朋友的家里录制Eskimo,因为他们非常喜欢这首歌。所以我带着我的移动工作室去巴黎。我穿过地铁站,带着所有这些麦克风挂在我身上,还有录音设备,我一直汗流浃背直到他们家,然后在那里录下它,接着就回家了。所以它录了很多地方,但是基本上是我居住的房子住所或者朋友的房子。都柏林,主要地。”"No, not at all. And, it’s so funny, even going ‘no, not at all’ almost means that I’m agreeing with you that it was powerful.

I don’t, ‘cos I don’t even have a notion about it being anything – except that at the time I felt like I was just making one record, that I just wanted to get this out of my system, make a record and then leave it at that, you know"."Yeah, just leave the music – just make one record and be done with it.

Although he’d dropped out of an engineering degree at Trinity some years earlier, Rice hadn’t been idle. He’d spent much of the mid to late ’90 fronting Juniper, the rock band he’d formed while still at Salesian College secondary school in Celbridge with friends Paul Noonan, Dominic Philips and Brian Crosby.

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