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If I second-guessed the way I looked and dressed, and had always dressed—right back to my cash-strapped earliest days at Paragon when I bought the fabrics and Vogue patterns to sew my own clothes—that insecurity would eventually undermine me.Why would I give more weight to the negative comments than those that were supportive?As summers fade and school starts, networks have touted fall launches for their new shows for almost as long as televisions have flickered in North American living rooms.

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We’re hosting a live Periscope chat with Kirstine Stewart on Thursday, October 8th at p.m. You can tweet your work and leadership questions now to @FLAREfashion using #Ask Kirstine #Our Turn and we’ll ask the best ones LIVE.

Traditionally, fall marks the start of a new television season.

Mark Zuckerberg’s hoodie is as deliberate as the demure cardigan couture of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer.

What nagged at me was the suggestion that a nice dress and high heels projects an image that says “This woman lacks sub­stance.” By the media’s measure, my appearance painted me as someone who spent more time shopping than working.

One blogger actually dubbed me the “kittenish programming mistress.” When I eagerly checked to see the press reaction to the new lineup, I realized that my appearance had somehow become the frame of the story. Women are invariably scrutinized, and criticized for their appearance.

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