Dating video dinosaur brains

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The horn eventually comes off, but Earl comes to appreciate the treasure that his baby is all by himself.

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The day before the hurling, though, Robbie decides that it is the tradition and not his grandmother that should be hurled.

Earl is challenged to fight to the death by Gary, a 50' Dilophosaurus who took a fancy to Fran in the frozen food section of the supermarket.

Earl has got a pair, and everyone else wants them, particularly Richfield. He finds they are the very last pair and soon father and son are at each other's throats over the fate of the Graptolites.

Richfield institutes an Employee Suggestion Box, which has Earl and Roy racking their brains in an effort to impress the boss.

When a meteor crashes through the roof of their home breaking their other TV set, Earl leads the family to try their luck as game show participants where the first prize is a new TV.

Dating video dinosaur brains


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